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A Lump in the Road

Last week when I wrote What’s Worse Than Being Alone?, health issues weren’t on my mind.

It’s different this week. I’ve been dealing with hip pain for six months—sometimes it hurts so bad I can barely walk up a few stairs. I’ve also had several abnormal blood test results, which is why I left New Brunswick to go back to British Columbia. 

A few days ago I found a lump in my lymph nodes, right next to my aching hip. It could be inflammation, or it could be more. I don’t know, but I do know How Not to Panic When You Find a Lump 🙂

3 Reasons to Love Lumps

Lumps, bumps and the mumps show me how to live fully and deeply! Even just cutting my finger or twisting my ankle reminds me how amazing our bodies are. We heal, we wake up to a new day, we learn to live in different ways.

1. Your body will surprise you

Our bodies are surprisingly resilient. They adapt. Our minds and hearts? Not so much.

I love my latest lump because it reminds me to love my body and reassess my life. If I have cancer, what would I do differently? Where would I go, how would I treat my body?

My life wouldn’t change much. Except maybe I’d drive to Mexico or the Panama Canal sooner than planned.

2. You might realize what you love most about life

Right now I’m in Buckeye, Arizona, housesitting a gorgeous new luxury home in a gated community. I’m surrounded by golf courses, golfers in carts, perfectly coiffed houses and yards with housecleaners and gardeners. I expect photographers to show up any minute and take pictures for Phoenix Home & Garden: Your Guide to Affluent Living.

I wouldn’t choose to live in a home like this, but I can see why others do. Me, I love the freedom and adventure of traveling in my camper van (last night I dreamt I had to give Ruby up for a couple of weeks. I was really sad). 

3. You might change what you don’t love

A few days ago I left my friend’s place in Flagstaff, where I took care of her cats for a week. I love being in different neighborhoods, seeing how people live, caring for homes and pets while the owners are away.

I also love what I’m learning about life and myself. I’m relaxing into who I am, being honest and transparent, and giving others space to be themselves. I’m learning how much unhappiness I caused myself in the past, and how to stop hurting myself.

Tomorrow I’m going back to Sedona for a week. I’ll go to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Sedona Museum, and the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park.

A lump in the midst of all? It’s just a little bump in the road. 

In Being Nice is Bad for Your Body: 4 Reasons Good Girls Get Sick I share how the immune system is affected by repressed emotions, and how authenticity and being honest with others leads to health and wellness.

Being Nice is Bad for Your Body: 4 Reasons Good Girls Get Sick

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