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A New Reason to Keep Going

I love making videos and sending weekly emails, but it’s always a struggle. I have to push myself over a wall of resistance every single time. Plus, I never know how people will respond to my offering (which is why I love hearing from you – even if you disagree with me! 🙂 ).

Half the time I myself don’t know what I think of my own videos and emails. Sometimes what feels right today feels wrong tomorrow or even a decade later.

Maybe you can relate to what I’m saying. Maybe you feel the same way about working on your projects, or going for a walk, or even just taking a shower. What if you fall flat on your face?

Luckily, I’ve fallen in public so often it’s rarely a problem. Now, my challenge is getting back up and trying again.

Getting over the wall

Yesterday I made 2 Years of Camper Van Life: Updated Tour of My 2021.5 Pleasure-Way Tofino (Ruby!).

2 Years of Camper Van Life: Updated Tour of My 2021.5 Pleasure-Way Tofino (Ruby!)

In this video I included three short clips from my previous videos. When I reviewed my past videos, I remembered the resistance I felt while making each one.

I often used the “one step at a time” strategy. The first step was deciding on a topic. The second was choosing a location. The third was simply sitting and talking to you. 

All those little steps added up and voila! I climbed the wall every week.

A new reason to keep going

Today I’m incredibly grateful to Past Me for climbing over those walls. She tried hard and did the best she could. Deep down she knew she was doing it for Future Me. She knew she wouldn’t regret it even if the response was negative or indifferent.

If you’re facing a wall, imagine how happy Future You will be if you take one step forward. And remember that Future You doesn’t have to be years away; Future You can be tonight, or even an hour from now! Future You is closer than you think, and will be more grateful than you realize.

Keep going. The wall you’re facing is probably a sign you’re in the right path.

With love,



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2 thoughts on “A New Reason to Keep Going”

  1. I totally “get it”! As an adult coming from years and years of childhood trauma, I face the brick wall everyday related to housework.
    I was, indeed, Cinderella, from my earliest memory, but with no prince to rescue me. Thus, every household task, in my adulthood, has been accompanied by the near impenetrable brick wall. I must break it down, each time, before I can begin that task, be it bed-making, dish-washing or bathroom cleaning. It is exhausting at every level, though I have been doing it for six decades of adulthood!
    Some days, I succeed; some days, I fail. But every day, I consciously try. The scarring left by childhood trauma is ever present. But it is not all negative. The diligence and dedication to my own personal growth, and the sensitivity to the sufferings of others, and the naked honesty that comes out of my early dependent decades, keeps me waking up looking forward to another day!

    1. Thank you for your honesty, Debbie. You’re stronger than you think, and more inspiring than you know! I’ve read your message several times since you left it a month ago, and am encouraged by your optimism.

      Your good cheer and love is helping all of us, even though you don’t know it. I appreciate you so much!