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A Risk Worth Taking

I’m in Joe Batt’s Arm on Fogo Island in Newfoundland—and it’s not just another world. It’s like I landed on the moon.

Rocky coves, crashing waves, fishing boats, lobster traps, colourful cottages perched on stilts along the coast. The landscape is stark and barren, haunting and gorgeous. Hardly any trees or soil, earth or dirt. Just giant rocks, small rocks, sharp stones and tiny pebbles.

Even the Atlantic Ocean is peppered with giant rock formations. I see waves crashing up against rocky islands way out there, near the horizon where the water seems to just drop off the face of the earth. 

It’s stunning. I’m grateful I followed my intuition.

There are no guarantees when you listen to your intuition. There is only the joy of following your true path and taking a giant leap of faith. The results? None of my business.

What happens when you listen to you?

In “When You’ve Lost Your Purpose – Inspiration From a Seaside Village”, a reader asked this question:

“I wish you could provide examples of the precise result(s) you achieved when you ‘spread your wings’ or ‘listen to you and experience the cost of breaking open’ or ‘follow your true self.’ What actually was your result?” 

In 5 Consequences of Following Your Intuition: You Listening to You I share a real-time example of listening to my inner voice and living with the results. In this video I detoured to a coastal town in Newfoundland and learned how to film World Class Murals while riding my bike. 

5 Pros & Cons of Following Your Intuition – You Listening to You

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2 thoughts on “A Risk Worth Taking”

  1. Hi Laurie
    I love your blogs and videos. The last one Asking for Help, I noticed you were out of your van & in a condo! When did that happen? Are you loving it or wishing you were back in the road?
    Thanks for all your words.

    1. Hi Missy!
      I bought a condo, and am settling in for the winter. I need to catch my breath – it’s been a whirlwind two years of travel and huge decisions. Ruby has earned some well-deserved time off, and so have I :-)
      I moved in a week ago today, and love My Fair Lady. Next spring I’ll be ready to explore the world again, I’m sure….but right now I love my haven.
      Stay tuned – the adventures aren’t over yet! Even havens have a way of being exciting :-)
      With delight,

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