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Blindsided by Love

Don’t give up on love. Love has the surprising ability to show up in unexpected times and places. It shines in the most unexpected sizes, shapes and forms—if we have the eyes to see.

Take last week, for example. I had my last two visits with Milo, the horse who stole my heart. Our last riding lesson was horrible; he was impatient, frustrated and hard to handle (translation: I was impatient, frustrated and hard to handle). 

Our last solo ride was even worse! Milo wouldn’t even walk when I asked him to. We were both on edge, grumpy and nippy. 

“Why can’t you be a nice horse to ride?” I barked at him. 

“Why don’t you know how to ride a nice horse?” he snapped back. 

At the end of our visit, I was relieved to release him in a field of clover and dandelions. He happily joined his herd for an afternoon of grazing and rolling.

I watched Milo’s tail swish and huge black flanks sway as he walked away from me. As I turned to leave, I bumped into a little black horse called Piper. 

That’s when my heart broke and the tears flowed. I was blindsided by love.

Love caught me off guard

Piper’s paddock is right next to Milo’s. She’s a small older horse, a perfect therapeutic ride for people in wheelchairs. I never paid much attention to her; she worked on days I didn’t, and I never saddled, groomed, or led her in lessons.

I was so fixated on Milo that I barely noticed Piper. Even though I spent time with her when I visited Milo, I tended to dismiss her.  

Piper is small and sweet, humble and shy. Like a big gentle dog, she was always there when I turned around but never demanding anything. She just waited to be loved and gratefully accepted attention.

Now when I think of my time in Kamloops, I no longer focus solely on Milo. Now I see love in all shapes and sizes: Piper, Nala, Chevy, Suede, Candy, Ginger, Rumor, Charlie, Lincoln and all their beloved people.

Laurie Pawlik Blindsided by Love She Blossoms
Blindsided by Love

Have you ever been so fixated on a relationship, person or dream that you overlooked other forms of love?

Perhaps that’s what leads to long-term grief and broken hearts that never heal. Maybe we get so focused on one type of love that we overlook everything else.

My friend, don’t give up on love. It may not look, sound, taste or feel like you expected, but love is always waiting.

May you be blessed—and blindsided!—by love today.

With love,



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