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Buying Your First Condo After Your Marriage Ends

Here’s how to avoid the most common condo-buying mistakes women make after a separation or divorce. This Midlife Blossoms video includes a tour of the condo I bought in Lethbridge, Alberta when my marriage ended.

Buying Your First Condo After Your Marriage Ends

The first condo viewing was with the realtor, the second viewing was six months later, and the third was six months after that (almost a year after I bought this condo). You’ll see how my first home after leaving my marriage slowly got furnished, and learn what it’s like to live in a mature living condo community for people over 45.

This tour includes details about the sale and type of this condo, including the price of the condo (both asking and offered), tax assessment, condo fees, annual property tax and more.

What are the biggest mistakes that condo-buyers make when separating or divorcing?

I welcome your thoughts below :-)


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2 thoughts on “Buying Your First Condo After Your Marriage Ends”

  1. I’m so happy your here again. I have a story to tell concerning a move I made alone to Henderson Tnn. My husband and I really should have never married and I was abused. I’ll tell you if you want to hear it.
    Pamela Adcock Greenway

    1. Hi Pamela,

      I hope you’re well! It sounds like you left your husband, and started over on your own! Please do feel free to share it. I’m sure your experience will encourage and comfort other women in similar situations.


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