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Talking About a Sexless Marriage with Byron Katie

An honest conversation with a woman who feels her weight gain is the reason her husband isn’t physically attracted to her.

Byron Katie does “The Work” with this wife to find out the truth about sexless marriages, weight gain, and physical intimacy in relationships. If your partner, husband or boyfriend has withdrawn physically and seems less attracted to you, this video will help you see what to do.

Talking About a Sexless Marriage with Byron Katie: When Your Partner Doesn’t Want You Anymore

This video is an example of The Work, which Byron Katie created. She helps people question the painful thoughts and beliefs that cause suffering—such as “I shouldn’t love two women at the same time.”

Byron Katie is the author of books such as Byron Katie wrote Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life and A Mind at Home With Itself.

This audio recording is from Byron Katie’s old tapes and downloads that are free for sharing. This conversation was originally recorded in German and English.

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