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Do You Feel Off Track?

This morning while clearing out the old photos on my phone, I found a picture of a page with one paragraph called “A Gentle Reminder.” I don’t know the book’s title, author or even the page number but I want to share it with you. 

I hope it puts a little spring in your step today. 

A Gentle Reminder

“If you feel “off track” please remember there is no “track.” This is your life. It ebbs and flows and twists and halts and speeds up. 

It all belongs. 

Stop trying to be a robot who is productive and perfect all the time.

You’re not a robot. You’re human. Be alive to it all.”

When I feel off track…

I savor my successes, small achievements, areas of growth and healing. It’s a new practice for me. I’m great at beating myself up but not so good at being nice to me.

Do you savor your successes? I’m not talking about the biggies such as graduating, raising children, volunteering, settling arguments, not texting while driving.

For me, it’s the little things: calling my mom on time, taking Ruby in for an oil change, incorporating something new-to-me in every video I make (my latest is Are You Staying For the Wrong Reasons? When Letting Go is More Loving Than Holding On).

Are You Staying For the Wrong Reasons? When Letting Go is More Loving Than Holding On

Life is hard. You are succeeding in big and little ways every day!

You’ve survived health issues, heartbreaks, losses and catastrophes. You’ve made it through financial problems, family fights, big moves and bad weather.

You learned how to operate your newest smartest gadget 🙂 

My friend, when you feel off track remember that there is no “track.” Take a deep breath, know that you’ve come such a long way, and give yourself a pat on the back.

With love,



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2 thoughts on “Do You Feel Off Track?”

  1. Laurie, rarely have I heard such wise words that make total sense,it’s called the truth. Please know how much you are helping me get through my days.
    Sincerely, Pamela.