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When Your Dreams Come True

New Brunswick—the first province of the Maritimes—has a flat rugged coast, which offers an unhindered view of the gulfs, rivers and ocean. Driving and parking my camper van is easy because there’s so much space and so few people. And New Brunswick is the only Canadian province with two official languages; the blend of Quebecois and English is music to my ears. 

I love New Brunswick.

What astounds me most is that I’ve always wanted to come here. This is a dream come true! But it didn’t come easy; I had to muster up a lot of resources, courage and prayers to take this journey.

Following my inner voice despite disapproval, resistance and guilt was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Even when your dreams come true

You still get sick! In Cracked Ribs, a Head Cold & Diarrhea – How I Coped With Being Sick in My Camper Van I describe the three major health issues I’ve faced since starting my cross-Canada road trip. 

A perfect road trip—or a perfect life, relationship, job, family—doesn’t exist. What is possible is even better: that perfect sense of knowing you’re being true to yourself. 

If you’re true to yourself, you come alive. Your aliveness flows through you, changing every interaction, conversation and choice you make. Your energy and spirit changes the little piece of the world you’ve been given – even if you can’t see the results.

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

Cracked Ribs, a Head Cold & Diarrhea – How I Coped With Being Sick in My Camper Van

Avec l’amour,



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