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Finding Your Rhythm 

Have you noticed that all stages of life—whether eagerly chosen or shockingly unexpected—have their own rhythm? 

Every season has its own beat and tempo, its own sound and feel. If we want to live happily in that season, we need to find its rhythm. 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m learning the posting trot in my riding lessons; the instructor’s voice keeps echoing in my head. 

“Up down, up down, up down,” she says. 

I’m bouncing all over Milo’s back—trying not fall off!—and she wants me to go “up down, up down, up down.”

Milo’s trot has a rhythm I have yet to find.

When you can’t find the rhythm

It takes time and practice to find the beat of a new season. It may require additional guidance (books, mentors, videos, coaches, counselors). It’ll probably involve stumbles and setbacks. Bumps and bruises, scratches and scars.

The best way to learn a new rhythm is to focus on the beat. For me it’s “up down, up down, up down.” It’s not a natural beat for me, but if I want to ride this horse I have to learn his rhythm.

What rhythm do you want in your life?

Maybe it’s calm peaceful waves, or a happy upbeat tempo. Maybe you’re in a jazzy or rock ’n roll stage of life. Maybe you’re singing the blues.

Or maybe you’re in the wrong place altogether. Maybe you should’ve left and started over long ago.

If you’re considering a change, you might find my latest video helpful: 10 Signs You Should Go For It: Taking a Leap of Faith Into the Unknown.

10 Signs You Should Go For It: Taking a Leap of Faith Into the Unknown

Whatever season of life you’re in—good or bad, up or down—may you find the rhythm that feels right to you.

With love,



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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Rhythm ”

  1. Laurie
    I will soon be 82
    I am very active having worked and been successful in planning housing for seniors
    I lived my entire life for my family
    Giving them a quality and well rounded life
    My husband became Ill and was misdiagnosed for over six years and then had a wrongful death in a fall out of a nursing home bed March 29 2021
    After the service the children have not been around and one has not spoken to me in that time and cut off her phone and email
    I have been abandoned
    There was never any arguments
    I am now alone with the heartbreak of my husband and the heartbreak of losing my family
    I have asked them to come together to get this resolved and they have not
    I am a positive person and know I
    have to go forward
    I feel very alone
    I am spiritual and have faith
    Can you give advice about
    Any direction?
    Thank you

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