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Going With Your Gut

Has your gut ever urged you to do something—quit the job, eat more veggies, move overseas—but you were consumed by fear, self-doubt or other people’s opinions?

Your gut instincts are clear and immediate. You were born with them, but they may be overshadowed or even buried by your thoughts, past experiences and future predictions.

Me, too. More often than not, we talk ourselves out of listening to our true selves. 

Why? Because it’s scary and hard to trust our instincts. And because we have fantastic imaginations. We fret, fear and focus on the worst case scenario—which is almost always worse than reality.

Do you trust your gut?

I don’t trust mine. Not fully, not yet. But I’m learning.

In Before You’re Ready I shared that I’m buying a condo (I take possession tomorrow!). It was a quick decision, and I have many good and practical reasons for choosing “My Fair Lady” in Lethbridge. 

The bottom line, however, is that it just feels right. I’m going with my gut.

A couple weeks ago in No Choice But Courage I described how I approached a group of men—one riding my bike, which was stolen from me—and asked if he’d give me my bike back. I had no smart or sane reason to confront him. 

I was scared, but I listened to my instincts. And you know what? My bike is back where she belongs.

In When Your Life Changes I shared my friend Lynette’s decision to buy a 1992 Ford shuttle bus, convert it into a tiny home and hit the road with her dogs. She lists many good and practical reasons to do this, but she’s following something more important.

Shuttle Bus Rebuild: 57 Year Old “Skoolie Newbie” Converts a 1992 Ford Into a Tiny Home

Lynette is listening to her inner voice. The road hasn’t been easy or smooth, but she’d make the same choice again today.

The pros and cons of listening to you

Of course this doesn’t mean you’ll find the perfect home, feel safe in every situation, or enjoy the happiest relationships.

On the contrary, your life could get more challenging (but more interesting). Your decisions might upset others (especially if they aren’t following their own gut instincts). Your choices could cause pain, grief and suffering (but that’s okay because you know every dark cloud has a silver lining).

Trusting your gut is the richest, most interesting way to live! And if you do it long enough, you learn how to be curious—not scared or paralyzed—about how your choices turn out. 

How do you really want to spend these few and precious days you have left? Ask your gut, and follow your nose.

With love,



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1 thought on “Going With Your Gut”

  1. Thank you Laurie, I am always second guessing myself. You are brave, asking a stranger for help. I love reading your encouraging words. Gail

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