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How to Bounce Back

I’m volunteering at the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, Arizona. Yesterday I was a Floater, and I ended up at the poster and programs table. Today I was a Horse Handler at the Meet-A-Horse event.

The most inspirational part so far was watching the Arabian Hunter Pleasure 60+ Riders event. It was amazing to see people over 60 riding horses, competing, and winning blue ribbons on Arabians!

The worst part was the bad attitude about people with bad attitudes. At shift change yesterday, a small group of us went for a snack and chat. The main topic of conversation was the volunteer organizer’s mood and demeanor. Evidently she’s been irritable, stressed and unhappy for the whole show. The conversation lasted a long time because each volunteer had evidence to support their opinions. 

It wasn’t until halfway through the conversation that I realized I had noticed the organizer’s abruptness, but it didn’t affect me at all. I was still my usual self with her. This is a big change for me. In the past I would’ve taken everything she did personally. I would’ve analyzed my words and actions and even berated myself for asking stupid questions.

Instead of taking on her energy and spreading bad vibes by rehashing it later, I’d forgotten all about it. Giddy up, good attitude!

Bounce back, baby

Everyone has their own story, and their story colors everything they do. 

Their stories are their business. Your story is your business. If you want to stay grounded in peace and happiness, stay out of other people’s business.

It took me a long time to learn that when I let people live their story without my interference, I am free. Peaceful. Joyful. Loving, compassionate, kind. I can be me without wanting or needing to convince, change or convert people. I am light, nimble, and unhindered. And I can almost see the positive energy flow outward and touch others.

But this growth spurt wasn’t easily won. It’s a practice that requires daily stretching, exercising and awareness. For me this means being still, centering myself in God’s presence, being, sensing, writing and—above all—listening.

However, no matter how grounded I get, I still feel the sting of a reality check every now and then.

In Humiliated & Shamed in Public? How I Respond to Personal Attacks & Online Criticism I share how I responded to a viewer’s negative, mildly threatening comment.

Humiliated & Shamed in Public? How I Respond to Personal Attacks & Online Criticism

His comment – which I now regret deleting – was in response to my last video (Sex After Separating & Starting Over: 7 Things Marriage Taught Me About Love & Intimacy).

You’re definitely not alone if you’re growing forward in peace, compassion, love and joy – and I suspect you are. Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be reading 🙂 

Forgive and love yourself, and you’ll find yourself forgiving and loving others without even trying. Allow yourself to be your true self, and you’ll find it delightful to simply accept others’ true selves, too.

Giddy up and yee-haw, pardner!



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4 thoughts on “How to Bounce Back”

  1. Well said and great advice. I hear you.
    – Telling me what to do again ? 😉
    Ah Arabs, 😍 magnificent horses with a mind of their own.
    Enjoy your new found inner and outer freedom.

    1. Peter, it’s so funny you said “telling me what to do again”! I was thinking EXACTLY that when I re-read this blog post. I have to keep reminding myself to just share my experience and let you take from it what you will. Thank you, Peter 🙂

      Also – another reason I’m so glad you commented! – I have a question for you. You may get this week’s She Blossoms email twice because I think I added you to 2 different types of email lists. Could you let me know if you get it twice? I’m curious to see if they’ll both get through.

      I’ll also email you. That means you’ll have heard from me 3 times today. Sorry about that, dude 🙂


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