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Forced to Let Go 🐔

Do you ever feel out of control? For the past two months—ever since my job contract ended—I’ve felt completely and utterly out of control.

I’ve never felt this powerless. It was scary at first. Disappointing, frustrating, and anxiety-provoking.

And yet there are gifts in the cloud of unknowing. I love making YouTube videos again (most recently Signs Your Heart is Healing: Comfort & Hope for Hard Days).

I’m also writing blog posts (my favorite this week is A Surprising Warning Sign of Dementia: Money Problems), helping my elderly neighbor pack his home and move to an assisted living community, volunteering at a thrift store, and even gardening! I never garden.

I’ve also had two job interviews. I withdrew my application after both interviews because I just didn’t want to work at those places. But tomorrow I’m scheduled for an interview at a senior’s organization, and I am so excited about the possibility of working there!

But of course the flip side of hope and excitement is the possibility of being forced to let go of that, too.

Are we ever really in control?

All of this leads me to wonder how much control we have over our own lives. Even when we choose to end a relationship, quit a job, sell a car or move to a new city, there are so many circumstances and events that are beyond our reach.

Even just walking down the street is an exercise in vulnerability. We don’t know if a bike or person will crash into us, a bird will poop on our head, or we’ll twist our ankle on a sidewalk crack. 

But good things could happen too! We might find a $20 bill, help a flock of chickens cross the road, have an interesting conversation with a neighbor or come up with a brilliant idea that saves the planet.

I’ve never realized how unpredictable life is, and I’ve never been happier.

You are in good hands

Think of all the years you’ve crossed streets, talked to strangers, driven in cars, spoken up at meetings, moved to new cities, traveled to new countries, risked your heart and fallen in love—how often have bad things happened?

Not often. You take risks every day. Even just getting into the shower is a risk, no matter how young and fit you are. 

Anything could happen—and that’s what makes life so precious.

If you’ve been forced to let go of someone or something you wanted to keep, trust that you’re being taken care of. You have no idea of the dangers, snares and toils you’ve been spared thus far. I daresay you’ve been spared a lot more pain and suffering than you can imagine.

Keep your chin up. You’re in good hands.

With love,



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