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I’m Having a GOAT

Has your life ever taken a turn for the worse when it was already going downhill?

That’s how it’s been going for me. Not only am I still out of work, my She Blossoms blogs are in the toilet.

For almost 20 years, my primary source of income was blogging. I created blogs and wrote tips-based articles that were surprisingly profitable. I woke up every morning expecting the internet and my friend Google Search to have imploded overnight and taken She Blossoms with it. I never dreamed blogging could actually pay my bills for so long, but it did.

That dream, however, is now dead. Flush, swoosh, gurgle, gone.

The Google Search gods have finally decided that enough is enough. My blogs aren’t getting any traffic or, as a result, income. I stopped earning money last month. Which, coincidentally, was the same month my “real job” contract ended.

In all fairness to Google, I haven’t been working on my blogs for almost five years. I knew She Blossoms had to eventually dissolve, and I figured I’d be sad. 

I was right. It hurts to say goodbye.

But to tell you the truth, it’s also a little thrilling. I can either sit and cry and live in the past, or I can start over. Since I’ve already run out of tears, it looks like I’m starting fresh.

A GOAT is born

In Midlife Blossoms – Welcome Back! I shared that I was “pregnant” with a new direction for my blogs. I knew I’d write about blossoming in midlife, but I had no idea I’d give birth to a GOAT.

And yet, here she is. My very own baaaaaa.

GOAT stands for “Growing Old Alone Together”, and it’s the focus of my new Midlife Blossoms blog. I’ll share encouragement and tips for women 50+ who are navigating life alone (but, as always, all people are welcome—as long as they like goats :-)).

Newsletter She Blossoms in the Toilet?
She Blossoms in the toilet?

When your life spirals downward 

It sucks, there’s no doubt about it. It’s hard to be going downhill when suddenly everything gets worse, harder, badder, sadder. 

Feeling out of control and powerless is terrible, too. If you knew what to do or how to do it, you could change everything. You could make your life good again, right?

Hmm. Not so fast. Sometimes—without our permission or approval—things have to get broken, crushed and flushed down the toilet. In fact, I daresay this is a necessary condition of being alive. Pain and problems are just the nature of this world, of  being a human in this crazy dream. If we don’t accept this, we suffer. 

Hang on! You may be spiraling downward at the speed of light, but things could be worse.

Here’s one way to cheer yourself up: Make a list of how much worse your life could be. Imagine all the terrible things that could happen to you, your loved ones, or your most prized possessions.

If you’re having trouble coming up with something bad, watch the news. Then pretend one or even all those horrible things are happening to you.

Life could be worse, right? You could be giving birth to a goat. But at least you won’t be alone 🙂 

May you see the peace, joy and beauty that already exists in your life, and may your gratitude spring eternal. 

With love,



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