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Night-Time Camper Van Break-In

Waking up to a man inside my camper van in the middle of the night wasn’t just terrifying, it was almost unbelievable! I once woke up to a nighttime intruder in my bedroom (How I Survived a Home Invasion & Assault) — but I didn’t think it would ever happen again.

In Night-Time Camper Van Break-In | 8 Ways to Stay Safe While Stealth Camping, I describe how the guy got into Ruby. I also share eight safety tips for women on the road. 

Nighttime Camper Van Break-In | 8 Ways to Stay Safe While Stealth Camping

“I Got Lucky” was the caption I put on my video, but it’s not the whole truth. I was lucky for sure, but I also believe Someone is always watching out for me.

And that Someone is protecting you, too.

The peace and joy that surpasses all understanding

People often comment on my spirit, energy, joy, peace, courage and sense of adventure—but few people ask where it comes from or how I came to be this way. That’s probably good, because my path isn’t easy to describe or replicate. I am spiritual and I believe in Christ, but faith alone isn’t the sole reason for my outlook.

While I can’t explain why I feel love and compassion for the guy who broke into my camper van and scared the living daylights out of me, I can share how I sustain my joy and gratitude.  

What you think and believe about yourself, the world, and others is more powerful than reality itself.

Do you struggle with fear and anxiety?

If you believe thoughts such as “Men shouldn’t break in at night” or “People shouldn’t get cancer” or “I’m scared I’ll lose my job/run out of money/die alone”, you suffer. Why? Because you’re arguing with reality. Those things happen—even when the Spirit of God hovers.

When I argue with reality, I feel unhappy, hopeless and separated from the only true Source of peace, joy, love and compassion. But when I align with truth, I feel clear and open. I flow with life as it is—even if I’m screaming bloody murder because a guy is inside my camper van!

Accepting reality doesn’t mean I’m an inactive rag doll or I don’t follow the still small voice. It means I accept what is, both good and bad, with equanimity. I can respond to a nighttime intruder the same way I’d accept a bouquet of flowers or—better yet—a steaming bowl of homemade split pea soup and a warm chunk of bread: with gratitude, peace and respect for the Creator.

This is an ongoing practice for me, and I want to share it with others. So, I created a Road Trip Playlist on my She Blossoms YouTube channel. There, I’ll share the talks and interviews that changed my life. The first is I’m Scared of Getting Cancer – A Conversation With Byron Katie

I’m Scared of Getting Cancer | Byron Katie on Coping With Health Anxieties

With peace and joy in all circumstances,


P.S. I’m writing you from Minnedosa, Manitoba! It’s still freezing cold (-9), but the snowstorms have subsided. If Ruby and I can wade through the floods in Winnipeg, we’ll be in Ontario soon. I can’t wait to see The Great Benjamins Circus in Wawa. 🙂 


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