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Rehoming Yourself After a Breakup

“Eventually the page will turn, even before you are ready. You will be offered a new part to play. You may not have practiced for this part, but you must—with bravery and grace—jump in anyway.” – from a poem called “To Save Yourself” by Lisa Shatzk, author of A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth.

When I described my new apartment in last week’s email (Welcome Home), I didn’t know when I was moving in. The homeowner didn’t know either; he wanted to get the carpets cleaned and make an extra set of keys. 

I wasn’t ready for his invitation a few days later. He called at noon; by 2 pm I had the keys, did the walk-through, and was filming a video of my empty apartment. I was excited and relieved to have found a place so quickly! I also felt shocked, scared and even a little sad.

That night I went to a community dinner at a church two blocks away—a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, cooked and served by the men of Fredericton’s Mature People’s Group. A home-cooked meal with wine and pumpkin pie served by men in aprons was exactly what I needed!

Even so, I didn’t feel ready to face an empty apartment alone. I didn’t even get one last sleep in my beloved camper van, Ruby. I felt unsettled and off-kilter. 

I could’ve had one last sleepover with Ruby, but I knew I was being offered a new part to play. It was time to jump in with bravery and grace.

Where Do You Live After a Separation or Breakup?

In Where Do You Live After a Separation or Breakup? I take you on a tour of my rental apartment in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I did a “Moving Day” video, and a follow-up video three days later.

Jump in before you’re ready

Are you being offered a new part to play? If you wait until you’re ready, the water will get cold. The apples will rot, the tools will rust. The impulse will fade, your energy will flag. The opportunity will drift away, the world will barge in.

Maybe you’re experiencing the opposite. You’re yearning to jump in—you’re craving a change or new opportunity—but you haven’t been offered a new role.

This, too, shall pass. Whether you’re in a whirlwind adventure or a lull, the page will turn and your life will change. Get ready to jump in with bravery and grace! And maybe a little fear and trembling.

With love from the Maritimes,



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3 thoughts on “Rehoming Yourself After a Breakup”

  1. Laurie congratulations on your new home. There’s no place like home. Wishing you nothing but the best. You are adventurous and
    a true inspiration to everyone. Thank you for your videos and your
    helpful advice.

  2. Laurie- so happy for you in your new place – you continue to inspire me wirh your adventures and bravery. Thank you for giving hope that others too, can find joy and happiness after breakup. Best wishes for the future you. J