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Releasing Your Grip

Last week I started volunteering at a horse therapy camp—and my first day at the stables was wild! It taught me something new about releasing my grip and letting go.

Milo is the biggest horse (7 feet to his ears), and he’s the one I work with most often. I’m only 5 feet tall; it’s hard but I can groom, saddle and lead him. He’s 23 and experienced, so he’s teaching me what to do. But he’s also an old horse—the “grumpy old man” of the stables. He’s got health issues, and is ready to retire.

When I was walking him around the arena, warming up for my first rider ever, a chainsaw started on the neighboring ranch and Milo REARED UP! Holy smokes, a giant horse bucking up right in front of you is unforgettable. 

Luckily, I was holding the lead rope loosely. When Milo started running in circles around me, it was surprisingly easy to give him the slack he needed. After a few seconds he slowed to a canter, then a trot. He was fine and so was I (despite my wildly pounding heart, shock, and awe at his quick show of power and strength!). 

Milo just needed to run out the adrenaline. I just needed to release my grip and give him some slack.

Are you holding on too tight?

Letting go of whatever we’re holding onto—whether it’s a rope, a relationship, or a road we regret taking—is easier when we know we’re being taken care of. We need security, love, and peace.

I love the idea of being taken care of. I used to focus on letting go, but now I see how much more powerful it is to simply abide in the fact that I’m being taken care of. 

Now I don’t even have to try to let go. My grip just naturally releases.

Broken Up After a Breakup? Getting Through the Darkest Days & Nights

This week in Broken Up After a Breakup? Getting Through the Darkest Days & Nights I describe how Milo’s reaction to the chainsaw changed how I see my separation. It helps to recognize where I am in the journey through a breakup.

After separating from my husband, I saw the “breakup stages” I went through – even while we were still married. The stages of a breakup I share in my video will show you where you are and – more importantly – how far you’ve come.

When you see how far you’ve come, you gain strength to keep moving forward.

With love,



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6 thoughts on “Releasing Your Grip”

  1. Thank you ,Laurie, for your videos and comments. After the death of my husband ,I was wound up so tight that I couldn’t sit still. Ended up painting all the walls and ceilings in my house , changing carpets, replacing windows, re cementing driveway. I am beginning to release that tension and starting to just enjoy life again.. and feel so much better for it. Keep up the good work you are doing by sharing with us,dear. You may never know how many of us you have touched and helped along the way.

  2. Thank you for your very helpful, positive, and timely items. Years ago, I was diagnosed with severe depression. After several years of therapy, I learned that it would always be lurking in the shadows nearby. I also learned that, as you said in your recent email, there will be bumps in the roads, but they can be handled in a positive manner. I live in assisted living and recently went through the loss of a beloved rocking chair. It had sentimental value – a wedding gift from relatives. I was angry, and voiced my displeasure that it was thrown in the trash, never to be seen again. Yes, I voiced my displeasure, my hurt, my loss. Then came THE CHOICE. Either continue with the unhappiness of this, thus welcoming all sorts of negative feelings to come and live with me, OR grieve, then let the negative feelings go, and returning to daily happiness, welcoming all sorts of happiness and good feelings to return. Your memo helped to bring me to my senses, to make the conscious decision to return to happiness. And I am back to my wacky, happy self. Still disappointed? Yes. But all is back in perspective, and I have made a healthy, happy decision.
    Thank you, Laurie, for your very helpful, healthy nudge.

  3. I am glad you are sharing your adventures with us. You are such a brave, honest soul and you are inspiring many people.

  4. Thanks for sharing your stories. You’re a beautiful spirit and have helped me whenever I read your posts. Thank you Laurie!

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