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Signs Your Heart is Healing 💚

“I didn’t know you made videos,” said a reader on my YouTube channel. “Why don’t you share them in your newsletter?”

Your wish is my command! Or in this case, your question leads to results :-) 

Buying Your First Condo After Your Marriage Ends: 7 Mistakes Women Make is my most recent and absolute favourite video. In it, I share three different walk-throughs of my condo. The first is my visit with the realtor the first time I saw My Fair Lady. The second is six months after I bought her, and the third was about two weeks ago.

Buying Your First Condo After Your Marriage Ends: 7 Mistakes Women Make

I love this video because it shows how quickly we—not just me in this condo but you, too—adapt to change. We’re more resilient than we think! But we don’t see how far we’ve come because we don’t notice those incremental little steps forward.

Whether or not you watch the video, I invite you to notice the growth and healing in your own life. You’ve experienced love, and you suffered loss.

Have you noticed your own healing process?

The signs of a healing heart

Maybe you’re not as sad as you were when you first lost your partner. Maybe you don’t cry as often as when a breakup or death first happened. Maybe your heart doesn’t clench with pain when you walk into your home after saying goodbye to your beloved pet. 

You are healing and growing forward in intangible ways, even if you don’t notice them.

Or maybe your steps forward are visible, like the changes in my condo. Perhaps you can see tangible progress in your own home, or your family life, or a work project. Maybe you’re knitting a blanket or planting a garden or writing a book.

If you stop and notice how how every little step forward is contributing to the whole, you’ll feel good. Happy. Maybe even excited about the future.

Are you struggling to find evidence of growth? Read 7 Signs Your Heart is Healing. I wrote it for a reader who is reluctant to face a breakup that she knows is inevitable.

May you find healing, hope and peace in your life today. And may you notice those little signs that you’re sprouting, blossoming and even flourishing.

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2 thoughts on “Signs Your Heart is Healing 💚”

  1. You encourage me when you write………so much knowledge, so much experience. You are great and good things will happen, a job, friendships, possibly even another relationship. Keepup with your thinking and writing, it helps so many. SuzAnne.

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