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Something You Can Trust

This morning a dear friend reminded me how vast, wild and unpredictable Mother Nature is. She’s never just one thing: good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, nurturing or depleting. She’s one of those “both/and” dichotomies. 

Mother Nature is both healing and damaging, life-giving and destructive—sometimes at the same time! For example, a wildfire releases valuable nutrients stored in the litter on the forest floor. Natural wildfires open the forest canopy to sunlight, which stimulates new growth. 

Yesterday I experienced one of Mother Nature’s most exciting, dangerous creatures.

At 5:45 am my dog Georgie and I were walking near our home. Georgie was off-leash, as is our morning custom. A big black bear ambled out of the forest. Georgie—as she does when we meet bears—barked and danced and pranced around the bear. The bear—as they do when they meet us—glanced at my pesky little dog, shrugged a shoulder, and kept ambling toward the nearest garbage can. Breakfast awaits!

That was the second time I met that bear. The first was a week ago, when I was walking backwards up a steep hill in my neighborhood. I looked sideways and voila! Mother Nature magic’d up a bear to help increase my heart rate and exercise level. The bear crossed in front of me, entered a garden shed and started banging around. It was noon. Lunchtime. 

I caught him on video the first time: Black Bear in Deep Cove, North Vancouver 🇨🇦 British Columbia, Canada.

Something wild you can trust

Even though I’ve met black bears in our neighborhood a dozen times and never been harmed, I’m always prepared for something wild and possibly fatal. I trust Mother Nature to serve up her very best, vast, unpredictable, exciting, dangerous self. 

Mother Nature isn’t just “out there” in the wild. Her roots grow deep in our lives. Our bodies, relationships, patterns, cycles, energy levels, interactions and daily lives are infused with her essence.

She’s wild. That we can trust.

In Letting Go of Someone You Love When You Don’t Want to Say Goodbye I share a recent insight that changes how I view losses, breakups, even divorces. I see Mother Nature’s hand in all beginnings and endings. They’re natural parts of every relationship, like life and death. We can trust Mother Nature to bring us the best of times and the worst of times. 

Letting Go of Someone You Love | When Good-Bye Hurts

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