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Feel Like a Stranger in a Strange Land?

Didn’t it seem easier to make friends when we were young? We only had to say “Wanna play?” and voila! We were set for the afternoon, the summer, or even the whole school year.

Childhood friendships and kindred spirits were on my mind when I made Are You a Stranger in a Strange Land? How to Make Friends in a New Place.

Are You a Stranger in a Strange Land? How to Make Friends in a New Place

What wasn’t on my mind, however, was making friends with ourselves

My best friend

A friend recently said to me, “You look so happy! You must’ve met a man.”

Nope. I haven’t met anyone (though a few horses have stolen my heart). 

What I have done, however, is become friends with myself. This means I:

  • Accept my thoughts and feelings without judgement or criticism
  • Listen to my intuition and act on nudges
  • Speak honestly and authentically
  • Hold fast to what I know is true
  • Take care of my body, mind, spirit and soul
  • Treat myself gently, compassionately, and firmly

I’ve not only become my own best friend, I’ve learned how to love myself. Now my happiness doesn’t depend on a person, place or circumstance. 

Your best friend

Imagine your best friend—a soulmate or a kindred spirit. How would he or she treat you? What would you do together? Where would you go, who would you meet, how would you live? 

Life with a best friend is lighter, happier, easier. Nothing is too bad or sad when you’re with someone who loves you and will never leave you.

Are you your own best friend?

If the idea of befriending yourself is new, look at my list above. Becoming your own friend might be as simple as picking one of those qualities – such as accepting your thoughts and feelings without judgement – and practicing it.

Or imagine yourself as a puppy. Innocent, vulnerable, playful and prone to making mistakes. No matter what mistakes puppies make, you love them and want to take care of them, right? They’re just being themselves and doing the best they can in this huge, wild, confusing world.

When I saw myself as a puppy, I melted. I found it much easier to forgive myself for my mistakes, to make hard decisions, and to hold fast to my inner knowing. I befriended myself. My friendship blossomed, and now I’m in love.

Wanna play? 🙂 

With delight,



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