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Stretching Yourself

While job searching I learned that women and racialized groups are less likely to apply for positions unless they meet every single qualification. The employer (the Kids Help Phone) encouraged candidates to apply even if their past experience doesn’t perfectly align with the job description. 

“You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles we’re looking for,” they say. 

This motivated me to apply for a strategic administrative position at a college—a huge stretch for me—and I’m interviewing for the job in three hours!

Personally, I’ve stretched myself in many ways (such as confronting bike thieves and reclaiming my bike) and shared stories of women stretching themselves (such as my friend Lynette converting a shuttle bus into a tiny home).

Professionally, however, I’m a scaredy cat.

Was! I mean I was a scaredy cat. Now I’m just excited, curious and eager to get the show on the road.

How to stretch without snapping

Whatever is meant to happen already exists. All my words at the job interview, my actions while transitioning into a new position and relationships with coworkers are already out there.

All I have to do is show up. And if I show up with curiosity, enthusiasm and awareness, I’ll participate in the exact way I’m meant to.

Whether or not I get the job is none of my business. My business is to stay centered, grounded and rooted in presence.

What are you stretching toward—or away from?

Take a deep breath. Relax into the stretch. Allow air into your lungs, blood into your veins, length into your muscles. Loosen your jaw and drop your shoulders.

Show up and be yourself. 

If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. For better or worse, richer or poorer—like it or not—it’s on its way. 

And you’ll enjoy the experience a whole lot more if you show up with curiosity, presence and open hands.  

With love,


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8 thoughts on “Stretching Yourself”

  1. You mentioned seasonal boundaries and taking a pause from She Blossoms. Every which way I turn, the word “boundaries” jumps out at me. Maybe a lot of people have difficulty setting boundaries and maybe (actually probably), God is trying to tell me something. I will miss your emails but I am happy that you are taking good care of yourself and setting personal boundaries. Like Lysa Terkeurest said in her book, “Good Boundaries and Goodbyes” – “Boundaries are not only a good thing, they are a God thing.” “Take good care of yourself, for you are worth taking care of 💋.” (I don’t know who said this quote 🤔 but whoever it is, must be very wise and know how to set boundaries.🥰

    1. Edna, it’s been a long time but I’m ready to poke my head out from my season of hibernation. I’ll start my She Blossoms emails tomorrow, and hope you see them in your inbox! xo

    2. Edna, thank you for your support and friendship! Yes, boundaries are so important. Setting and maintaining them can be difficult, but in the long run it’s much better to hold them than let them be crushed.

      I’m sending Blossoms again, and hope we can reconnect. I missed you!

  2. Congrats Laurie.
    You approached that with guts and guile. Does it sometimes feel like you’re in an alternate universe? Like all that went before was some strangely familiar yet alien place. It’s like that for me with Tommy gone.

    1. Yes, I definitely feel like I’m in an alternate universe sometimes! Like everything is different yet exactly the same all at once. And when someone you love dies, it’s surreal. Like they were a dream, or this is a dream, or it’s all a dream.

  3. Congratulations for being courageous and getting the job! I have no doubt that you will shine brightly in your new position!

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