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Surprised by Love

No matter what you’re going through, remember that love and happiness is within reach. The dark, empty, fearful moments are fleeting shadows. They temporarily conceal the light — but the light is always there, waiting. 

In Finding Love After Dementia, Divorce, or Death: 3 Unexpected Ways to Heal a Broken Heart, I share different ways to love and be loved. I also give you a brief tour of the horse therapy farm I’m volunteering at 🙂

Finding Love After Dementia, Divorce, or Death: 3 Unexpected Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

No matter what your beliefs are this Easter weekend, hold on to hope and faith. If you’re empty and dry, accept whatever invitations come your way. Maybe you’ll find new love and life blossoming in an unexpected place or person.

Surprise Someone You Love

Why not go a step further? Pick up the phone or get in your car, and surprise someone with love. 

Yesterday I phoned a friend I’d texted a couple weeks ago, but hadn’t heard back from. Not only was she surprised by my call, I was surprised to learn that she, too, is volunteering with horses! We discovered a connection we didn’t know existed. 

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. If you’re open to receiving, love is waiting to give.

With love,



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4 thoughts on “Surprised by Love”

  1. Dear Laura

    I salute you for your fight to overcome everything. Lots of us are immobile after deception, heartache and pain. You inspire me to leave the gloom behind and continue to appreciate what I can still offer myself and others. Love still exist with the right people, especially my favorite, doggies.

    Thank you for these interesting and exciting emails.

    1. It’s not even a fight to overcome, Sylvia – it’s just easier and lighter to accept and allow whatever will be! Then the overcoming just comes naturally because there’s no resistance 🙂

      May you continue to find appreciation, gratitude and love in even the gloomiest circumstances, my friend. I’m glad you have your doggies. They’re the best!


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