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The Obstacles to Freedom

Last week when I asked you to tell me what new path you’re walking or goal you’re pursuing (What Do You Want? Curiosity Blossoms), I received this email from Angie: 

“I moved out of my home country to pursue my studies abroad. And even if I live with my aunt and cousins (not alone or with strangers), as an introvert still working on self-confidence, it sure has been a challenge for me. But I’m pushing through it and slowly discovering all the responsibilities that come with being an adult.” 

Magnificent! A big She Blossoms 💐 to Angie, who is pushing through the obstacles standing her way. 

What are the obstacles in your way?

I’m planning my cross-Canada road trip in April. I’m going slow, writing and making videos on the way, so it’ll take at least three months. My biggest obstacle is my little dog, Tiffy.

What Obstacles Are in Your Way?
Tiffy, my little dog

Tiffy is 12 years old and needs to go potty every three hours. She can’t be left alone. I feel guilty about leaving her with my husband. He works full-time, and can’t stay home to let Tiffy out. 

My husband says it’s fine, he’ll solve the problem by hiring a dog walker or figuring it out some other way. A friend suggested an indoor pee-pee pad so Tiffy can go in an out-of-the way place.

My sister even offered to dog sit her in Alberta while I’m away. I considered taking Tiffy to the Maritimes with me (but letting her out to go potty in the middle of the night is awkward when my camper van is parked in an unfamiliar place).

Despite all those solutions, I couldn’t seem to get over this obstacle. I was like a dog gnawing on a bone until my gums bled.

Are they really obstacles? 

When I sat down and questioned my thoughts (“Tiffy is an obstacle to me leaving”), I realized I was wrong.

Tiffy isn’t the problem; her potty habits are figureoutable. It’s my thinking that’s the problem. My thoughts are holding me back. My thoughts are an obstacle to me leaving.  

I also realized that the potty solution may benefit my husband, my sister, a dog walker or even Tiffy in ways I can’t imagine! Even if I can’t see how or why it’s better for Tiffy to be cared for in a way I can’t control, everyone is walking down the exact right path for them.

Have you experienced something similar?

You think the problem is out there—a difficult coworker, financial insecurity, an ongoing health issue, a difficult loss. Instead of releasing control and allowing the situation to be what it is, you wrestle with it. Instead of opening yourself up to the possible solutions, you obsessively worry and wrestle with it.

What if the obstacles you’re facing aren’t as problematic as you think? Maybe you’re closer to blossoming than you ever thought possible.

Even just considering the possibility is amazing! I hope you give it a think.

Can’t wait to see what the road brings.

With delight,



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