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Waiting for the Right Fit ⚆

Because I thought I’d still be waiting to hear if I got a new job (Stretching Yourself), I’d planned to write about patience and faith today. 

My plans, however, have been derailed.

The good news is I already received and accepted an invitation to start work on Monday! The bad news is that I can no longer legitimately say I’m waiting patiently and faithfully.

What are you waiting for? While I can’t join you in that liminal (often frustrating) waiting space right now, I can encourage you to wait for the right fit

Finding the right fit is worth the wait—even if it takes years of false starts and seemingly pointless circles.

How do you know when it’s right?

The right fit has a peaceful quality to it. There’s a sense of knowing that’s indescribable. Describing it, in fact, can make it complicated, confusing and even contentious. 

The right fit is instantaneous. It brings an immediate “Yes—this is me—green light!” feeling. It’ll still be imperfect and even difficult, but we when we’re driven by pure motives we’re up for the challenge.

The right fit is often unexpected. Applying for the college job, for example, seemed like a long shot for me. The job description sounded complicated and beyond my experience. The interview, however, went beautifully! The more the interviewers and I talked, the more we all realized that I was the right person for this job. 

Whatever you’re waiting for, the length of the wait is less important than how good the fit. And a good fit is always worth the wait.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Right Fit ⚆”

  1. I am sorry you are going through a bad time in your life. It is devastating, so take baby steps and don’t rush into anything. Feel free in your self and always be up front and honest. I guess you know that already. Just a reminder. Humans are difficult to live with. There is always compromises and sometimes you seem to be doing more than your share. One must learn to forgive and forget and the big one, “I’m Sorry!” take care and be yourself no pretending. hugs

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