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What Do You Think?

Hi beautiful! Yesterday I received an email from a reader who greeted me that way. It immediately brought a smile to my face, and I want to share the joy with you 🙂 

Last week in I’m Having a GOAT. I shared that I was sadly saying goodbye to my blogs—which were my primary source of income for almost 20 years. I neglected them for too long, and Google stopped sending me traffic.

I forgot to mention that I’m rebuilding Midlife Blossoms from the ground up. It’s like my business burned down and I’m starting over from scratch. I’ll still email you a weekly update, and will also write daily blog posts on a variety of topics related to growing older alone.

Here’s where you come in, I hope!

Your opinion?

I’ve already written a few blog posts for Midlife Blossoms: Growing Older Alone – Together. I need your feedback—especially on things you don’t like (blog layout, color, font size, content, etc) Any general suggestions are also welcome.

Here’s a list of posts I’ve written: 

I’ve already received feedback from one reader. She suggested I don’t focus on women, and instead make it more inclusive of all genders and identifications. 

What do you think she blossoms in midlife blog

Here’s a list of questions to consider:

  1. Which do you like better for a blog name: “Midlife Blossoms” or “GOAT”?
  2. Think about your favorite blogs. What do you like about them?
  3. What would make you want to follow Midlife Blossoms?
  4. What topics, problems or solutions do you want to read about?
  5. Do you like a list of Popular Posts on blogs?
  6. Do you use a blog’s Social Sharing buttons to share posts with friends or on social media?

Feel free to share anything that comes to mind. I welcome all big and little thoughts.




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