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What Happens Next? It’s Better Not to Know 🪺

Our whole life is not knowing, isn’t it? No matter how carefully we plan a wedding, work project or walking tour, we can never know for sure how things will turn out. 

In last week’s newsletter I promised to share ideas for emotional healing after a broken engagement. Writing that post reminded me of two things:

1. We mustn’t let our past wounds or future fears stop us from being vulnerable, trusting our inner knowing, and living fully in the present. 

2. We can never know for sure how our plans will unfold. Nor can we foresee all the possible twists or turns in the road no matter how carefully we plan or how much we pray. 

We don’t know what’ll happen in the next hour, much less tomorrow or next Tuesday!

Something better than knowing

Not only is it OK not to know how things will unfold, I think it’s actually better.  

For instance, I turned down a part-time job offer at my last workplace. I “knew” I’d get another job within a couple of weeks. Plus I wanted more challenging work, and my coworker wanted the part-time position more than I did. 

I didn’t know I’d be out of work for this long, and I’m grateful. Life is more interesting and adventurous—and less scary and overwhelming—when it unfolds one minute at a time.

Bite-sized chunks are manageable. Anything bigger would choke us with fear, confusion and dread. 

Not ours to know 

Last week I had a job interview at a school I didn’t feel comfortable in, with people I didn’t really resonate with. As I was leaving, the interview team said they’d let me know in a few days, after they checked my references. As soon as I got home I emailed the principal, thanked him and the team for their time, and withdrew my application from consideration. 

I’ll never know if they would’ve offered me the job, nor will I know how working there would’ve been. Some things just aren’t mine to know.

Author Laurie Pawlik in Ruby Camper Van
Laurie in Ruby (her camper van)

Whatever you’re making plans for, rest comfortably in the fact that you can never know for sure how things will turn out. All you need to know is the next step. 

You’re going to be OK. 

You’ll be better than OK, in fact! Your endeavors may not come up roses the way you planned, but the blossoms that arise will be better and more beautiful than anything you could’ve imagined.

With love,


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