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What You’ll Never Lose

What is the hardest goodbye you’ve ever said? 

Maybe you lost a person, pet, or place. Maybe you let go of a dream or hope. Or perhaps you released a belief you grew up with—Santa Claus, talking cats, or even religious convictions you dared not question.

Some goodbyes are harder to say than others. Some people, pets or places are enmeshed in our heart and soul; when we lose them, we lose a piece of ourselves. 

But that doesn’t mean loss is all bad! It hurts, yes, but it can also make our spirits stronger and our hearts bigger.

Last week in Necessary Endings I shared three things that make it easier to say goodbye. 

Since then, I discovered something new and beautiful about loss. 

The hardest goodbye I’ve ever said

For three months I’ve been volunteering at a therapeutic riding organization. I also took riding lessons on the horse who stole my heart. Milo.

Tomorrow I’ll have one last ride on my “heart horse”, then say goodbye.

I enjoy riding Milo—he’s a gentle, majestic giant—but I love the time we spend before and after our ride. I stand beside him, reach way way up, and place the palm of my hand on his back. I slowly run my hand along his spine and watch his reaction.

His back relaxes. He sighs and starts to breathe deeply and slowly. His eyes droop, his head bobs, his muscles soften. I hear his stomach gurgling. I feel my heart beating. 

What You'll Never Lose She Blossoms
What You’ll Never Lose

How can a tiny person like me can have such a deep connection with a huge, powerful horse? I can’t even reach the tips of Milo’s ears, yet my one small hand is the portal to more energy and love than I’ve ever experienced.

How loss makes my heart bigger and stronger

Saying goodbye to Milo tomorrow won’t be easy, but I’ll always and forever carry his spirit with me. The undercurrent of energy and love that runs between us will never go away.

The best part is I can revisit him anytime I want. Our hearts and souls are intertwined, and nothing can take that away.

When you think of the hardest goodbye you’ve ever said, my friend, do you focus on the physical parting of your bodies? 

Instead of staying in the pain, dip into the undercurrent of love and energy you shared. That’s what you miss, isn’t it? The power of love, connection, joy and peace. 

You and your beloved were united in ways that go beyond your understanding. You may never experience a connection like that again—but don’t shut yourself down to the possibility! That undercurrent is always here, always waiting, and always available.

It feels like a miracle when it rises and connects us, doesn’t it? 

Luckily, miracles happen every day! Even if we can’t see the gifts in front of us, we can always revisit those moments of pure joy, beauty and awe that live in our hearts. 

With love,



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