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4 Problems With Positive Thinking

If you’ve ever had the post-vacation blues, you know that getting back into the daily routine—especially if you’re not ready to go home—can be rocky.

I’m back in Vancouver after a four month road trip across Canada. It’s great to see everyone again, but I’m happiest in Ruby, my camper van. Already I’m planning the next season of my life.

As I talk about my hopes and plans for the next few months, I’m getting lots of different opinions from family and friends.

The hardest questions are ones such as:

  • “Don’t you think you’re being selfish?” 
  • “What is God telling you to do?” 
  • “How can you justify that?” 

They’re also the best questions because they lead to amazing insights.  

Insight #1 is that when I try to explain my reasons, I dig myself into a hole of even harder questions. That’s the problem with thinking and—worse—overthinking. It’s much easier to simply be honest. Yes, I see how my choices are selfish. Sorry, I don’t know what God is telling me to do. No, I can’t justify my choices.

And I share that when I imagine following my inner knowing and going back on the road, I feel alive. Joyful, peaceful, excited, hopeful, energetic and healthy! My joy is clearly visible on my face and in my actions. 

Insight #2 is that I don’t have the emotional or physical energy to justify or defend myself. I’m tired of fighting to win approval and acceptance. All I can do is share how I feel in this path versus that path, and let people respond. 

Insight #3 is how my life and choices affect the world. When I’m joyful and spiritually grounded, I exude love. I am love—even when I’m sick, lost, frustrated or disappointed. My energy and spirit affects the people around me, even if we just share a quick wave or brief conversation. 

Consider an important aspect of your life—a relationship, job, or even the next step you’re taking—and notice how your body reacts. Not your brain. Your body. Pay attention to your stomach, heart, guts, lungs, chest. Are they heavy or light? Tired or energized? Sick or strong?

Your body knows what you need. Your brain (and other people’s brains) may not understand, but your heart, soul and spirit knows what to do.

If You Can’t See the Bright Side

It took me over two years to find the courage, strength and peace to speak my truth and do what’s right for me. Those were hard, dark months. Lots of wrestling, crying, doubting and even getting physically sick.

But I also experienced pure joy, insight, wisdom and revelation. That was the bright side; those moments pulled me through the darkest days. 

4 Problems With Positive Thinking: Why It’s Better NOT to Look on the Bright Side

In 4 Problems With Positive Thinking: Why It’s Better NOT to Look on the Bright Side I share four problems with positive thinking. I made this video my first morning back in Vancouver, in a park with a lovely view of downtown and the infamous Stanley Park.


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2 thoughts on “4 Problems With Positive Thinking”

  1. I love your post and your amazing.Dont concern yourself with others opinions.They should mind there own buisness.You only have one life so go LIVE IT.I have a twin sister and love her deeply but she is so hard to please which upsets me so much and causes me to feel shit.Narcistic most of the time which means she puts me down alot.Ive had 4 days away from her and feel better for it.So I’ve decided to stop pleasing her wants and find my own.Just follow Ur dreams xxx Cherie

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Cherie. I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time with your sister. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our family members; I imagine your emotions are magnified with a twin!

      I love your decision to stop trying to please her, and to find your own path. I need to remind myself to do this every day 🙂

      Keep in touch,

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