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When You Don’t Fit In

Ruby and I are at a rest stop in the desert near Dome Rock, Arizona. The sun is feels like it’ll set this little camper van on fire soon; we’ll go up in smoke if we don’t hightail it outta here!

I couldn’t email you on Wednesday as usual because I got lost in the flow of my latest video. It’s my favorite type to make: I weave highlights of a great experience with encouraging tips. I’m gonna try to make more videos like this.

In this video — How to Feel Comfortable Anywhere: 7 Easy Ways to Fit in When You Live & Travel Alone — I share clips of my time volunteering at a nomadic gathering for women called Rubber Tramps on the Road with a few ideas for fitting in when you feel like you don’t belong. 

A pig called Empress is the star of the video. She travels with her best friends (a dog and a human) in a camper van.

How to Feel Comfortable Anywhere: 7 Easy Ways to Fit in When You Live & Travel Alone

When I wrote Loving What Is When You’re Uprooted last week, I had no idea how much fun I’d have in Quartszite, Arizona. I met women who are not only uprooted, they’re independent, resilient and adventurous. I didn’t feel like I fit in when I first arrived, but I do now :-) 

Stay cool (or warm if you’re in a cold part of the world!),



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1 thought on “When You Don’t Fit In”

  1. Thank you for your words and inspiration…we all need something at some point…your are that Something…bless…
    Sandra x

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