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When Your Life Changes

You’ve heard of stress, but what about “eustress”? That’s the stress that comes with positive changes in your life—changes you may have hoped for and even initiated.

I was reminded of this yesterday during my volunteer orientation at the Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association. As lovely as the horses, riders, instructors and stables are, I miss my old place. I loved those stables even when I was mucking out paddocks, lifting heavy saddles and falling off horses.

Change is hard. You’d think it’d be easier when it’s a positive choice, but it’s not.

Adjusting to change

Two things are helping me adjust to my new life.

First, I visited my friend Lynette in Calgary. A couple years ago she bought a 1992 Ford shuttle bus and is almost finished converting it into a tiny home for her and her dogs. She’ll soon sell her house and hit the road. Talk about change!

In Shuttle Bus Rebuild: 57 Year Old “Skoolie Newbie” Converts a 1992 Ford Into a Tiny Home Lynette gives us a tour. No matter what change you’re facing, Lynette’s tips and insights will encourage and inspire you.

Shuttle Bus Rebuild: 57 Year Old “Skoolie Newbie” Converts a 1992 Ford Into a Tiny Home

Second, I remind myself that I’m in transition. My bewilderment, sadness and unanswered questions about the future is a phase that will pass. If I give it a chance, my new life will captivate and enchant me. 

Keep going. No matter what you’re going through—whether you chose it or not—it will get lighter and easier. And one day you’ll feel happy, grateful, and lucky to be alive. 

By the way, Lynette named her bus “Ellie” because building a new home is like eating an elephant. You have to go slow, one step at a time. :-)

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