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When Your Plans Fall Apart

Yesterday I was booked for the Al Capone—Scarface—Tour through the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. Capone ran a bootlegging operation with brassy sassy Fanny, his business partner, in Moose Jaw during Prohibition. He exported moonshine to Chicago in the 20s.

I was set for the 3 pm tour, but they bumped me to 3:30 because of capacity limits (which I now understand—those tunnels and underground rooms are TINY!). That disrupted my whole afternoon, and I got hot under the collar. I’m always early for things and I hate killing time.

I decided to walk off my irritation in the blistering 27C/73F heat on the melting streets of downtown Moose Jaw.

First, I met a dad taking a picture of his son in front of the Capone sign. I offered to snap them together; they had a great time playing gangster for the camera. That cooled me down a little.

Second, I saw a young man pushing his girlfriend across the street in a shopping cart. After parking in front of the tattoo parlor, they couldn’t figure out how to get her out of the cart. It’s hard! Those carts are deep; you can’t just hop out. She tried to lean on him, the cart started tipping over, he almost lost his balance, and I envisioned them both slamming onto the pavement. 

So I channeled brassy sassy Fanny and said, “Hey youze! How’s about you try the other side, where there’s a concrete wall to step on?”

And voila! She hopped out of the cart. “Omigod, you saved my life,” she said. “Thank you so much!”

That cooled me down some more. 

Third, when I got back to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw I saw a woman and an older gent taking a selfie with a tiny camera. As I passed, I heard her talking about the theatrical tour they were taking (Fanny and Capone’s bootlegging operation wasn’t the only action underground).

“Do you have a YouTube channel?” I asked when she turned her camera off. Turns out she’s Alina McLeod, a travel vlogger with over 170,000 subscribers! After seven years, it’s now her full-time job. I asked her a bunch of questions, and am so impressed with her journey.

“Maybe one day you’ll have a YouTube channel, too,” her father said kindly. 

I told them about She Blossoms; when Alina opened my YouTube channel on her phone, she said, “Oh. A van lifer.” 

But I’m not a van lifer! I tried to explain what kind of videos I make…but I couldn’t. I know what I don’t do but I’m still fuzzy about what kind of channel I’m trying to build. 

Meeting Alina and Gordon confirmed what I’ve been struggling with for the past few weeks: I need to narrow my focus and find my purpose.

Those three chance encounters—which I’m so grateful for—never would’ve happened if my plans hadn’t been disrupted.

What’s lighting up your tunnel these days?

If you can’t see any lights as bold or bright as mine (I’m thick; I need BIG LOUD signs from the universe), know that the disruptions in your life may actually be saving you from something. You may be dodging fatal bullets or poison arrows without even knowing it.

Speaking of lights at the end of tunnels, I’m starting to think about my next road trip. In Anxious About Going on the Road? 5 Tips for Planning a Solo Trip—which I made for a friend who dreams of driving across America but is afraid—I share my hopes and dreams. 

Anxious About Going on the Road? 5 Tips for Women Planning a Solo Trip

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2 thoughts on “When Your Plans Fall Apart”

  1. Wow, that is so interesting! Capone was quite the character, according to Fanny, his sassy brassy business partner. 🙂 I’m glad you’re along for the ride, Pamala, and hope to hear from you again soon.

  2. Hello dear Laurie! I recall my dad telling me he was in Chicago the day capone was buried. A cold winters day it was and he spoke of the gangsters showing.up to pay their respects.
    I appreciate your wisdom so much, thank you. Pamela.

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