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When Your Sister Cuts You Out of Her Life

I finally understand what Dr Seuss meant when he said: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” 

First, thought, I had to cry. I spent four days with the most amazing woman, a friend of a friend. Her name is Maggie; she’s generous, enthusiastic, honest and easy to be with. She shares whatever she has—food, Newfoundland Screech, clothes, money, gum, advice, stories. Everything just flows through her.

And free! Maggie is authentic, direct and 100% comfortable with who she is. She doesn’t try to be a good person or help others improve. She doesn’t have an ulterior motive, she isn’t called to serve, sacrifice or share. She just is

When she went back to Nova Scotia, I moped all day and cried most of the evening.

Dr Seuss nailed it

The next morning I went for a bike ride at sunrise. When I pointed out the moon to an older gent walking his dog, his face lit up and his pace became quicker. Something reminded me of Maggie (her dog’s name is Lucky), and I realized that even though she’s not with me, she’s still with me.

Just knowing that there are people in the world like her—free, open, comfortable, easy, light, generous, positive—fills me with joy. I love that I got to meet her, and I love knowing that she exists.

That’s why I’m not crying because it’s over. I’m smiling because it happened.

A reader recently asked how I survived when my sister stopped talking to me. Here’s what she said: 

“My half brother suddenly stopped talking to me almost 2 years ago. It was while I was caring for our mum (there are inheritance issues he is unhappy about). She had Parkinson’s and passed away last October. I cared for her since 2016. Being ostracized by my brother has killed my soul. I feel mentally unwell. How did you survive when your sister stopped talking to you?” – on my About Me page.

In When Your Sister Cuts You Out of Her Life: Coping With Family Estrangement, I share my story and a few ideas. 

When Your Sister Cuts You Out of Her Life

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