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Are You at a Crossroads in Life?

The older I get, sadder I am when my starry-eyed notions get stripped away. 

I’ve been longing to visit Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico for years because I’d heard the cities are artistic and eccentric. After two nights in Albuquerque I couldn’t get back to Arizona fast enough. The homelessness, economic hardship, poverty, open drug use, stray animals and environmental neglect was hard to swallow—not to mention the freezing cold temperatures and rain.

A surprising number of vehicles didn’t have license plates (“tags” in America). I saw a car accident; the driver of the truck that was hit just shook his fist out the window and sped away. Maybe he didn’t have insurance, or was driving a stolen vehicle. 

New Mexico—at least the parts I saw—feels like the Wild Wild West.

On the upside, I never felt physically threatened. Police officers and security guards are everywhere. There are tons of cool Mexican grocery stores and shops with amazing prices and so much Spanish I felt like I was in a different country. The Historic Old City of Albuquerque is so cool I had to make a video there.

I didn’t go to Santa Fe, Taos or Los Alamos because it’s too cold—but I will next time. New Mexico is good training ground for a camper van trip to Mexico 🙂 

At a Crossroads

I’m in Eagar, Arizona and for the first time this trip, I’m not sure where to go next. I’m meeting friends next week at Lost Dutchman and had planned to spend this week in New Mexico. Since that’s not happening, I’m slowly meandering towards Phoenix.

Another upside: my freedom—and a very recent decision about how I’m spending next summer—inspired the video I made in Albuquerque. 

Are You at a Crossroads in Life? Encouragement and Mistakes to Avoid

In Are You at a Crossroads in Life? Encouragement and Mistakes to Avoid I share a few tips for finding your place in the world (or at least taking the next step).

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