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When You’ve Lost Your Way

Are you struggling to find – or rediscover – the purpose of your life?

Sometimes it happens after you lose someone you love, your kids leave home, or a big work or house project ends. Or it can be the result of years of routine, lack of stimulation, reliving the same day over and over (Groundhog Day!).

I’ve been struggling with that feeling. Now that my cross-Canada road trip is half over and I’ve mapped my route home, I’m feeling purposeless and sad. I’m in Nova Scotia now—amazing breathtaking wow—and will go to Newfoundland after a whale watching tour in the Bay of Fundy.

My purpose for this road trip isn’t just to see gorgeous scenery, have adventures and share my experiences. I also want to find my “video making voice” and somehow combine meaningful messages with snippets of my travels. 

I think I’m getting there. And, coincidentally, it’s coming together in my most recent video!

You Listening to You

In Do You Have a Life Purpose? I share my current struggle. I also weave in excerpts of a Rob Bell podcast called “You Listening to You” and footage of Digby, a seaside village in Nova Scotia. 

If you need inspiration because your life feels meaningless, unfocused or even just boring, you might find the questions and insights helpful! Or maybe you’ll just enjoy the view of the water, boardwalk and lighthouse :-) 

When You’ve Lost Your Purpose in Life – Inspiration From a Seaside Village in Nova Scotia

With a newfound sense of purpose,



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