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Life After Infertility

In When the Road Gets Rocky, I described the difficulties of my cross-Canada trip. The good news is that I took my own advice. My head cold is almost gone and I feel much better. 

And I’m snowed in! I’d decided to spend a few extra days in Saskatoon because of the winter snowstorms further east—and every day I said a prayer of gratitude for our dry weather—but now it’s officially winter where I am, too.

Luckily, I’ve always loved Saskatoon. I didn’t plan on spending a full week here and I didn’t know this was where the road would take me, but I’m happy just to be alive.

When the road curves

Last week a writer asked if she could interview me for an article about infertility. How, she asked, did I learn how to be happy as a childless women? Her question inspired me to make a video called Can I Have a Happy Life Without Children? Finding a Peaceful Way Through Infertility.

I wanted to make that video in a playground with kids behind me; I thought it’d be an interesting backdrop. But, sadly, an energetic mom and her three happy kids started playing a loud game of tag on the jungle gym. Their shouts of joy weren’t quite the right environment for a video about the perks of being childless.

The wind blew me ‘round the corner of the school, and I saw an even cooler backdrop for my video. It took about an hour to set it up; I wanted to get the whole wall in but I was too short and I didn’t have any equipment or furniture to lift me up.

When I finally figured out how to do it, I felt creative, resourceful and “one” with the environment. The road curved, the wind blew, and I flowed into one of my favorite videos about living with peace, love and joy no matter what life brings.

Can I Have a Happy Life Without Children? Finding a Peaceful Way Through Infertility

Do you prefer to read instead of watch videos? Me too! Here’s one of my infertility blog posts: Living Happily Without Children or a Partner.

Wherever the road takes you…

Unexpected weather events, delays and even bad accidents are inevitable. We can’t avoid them no matter how careful or prepared we are.

We can, however, learn to be curious and content even when we think we’ve hit a dead end. Sometimes we have to slow down and let everyone else zoom ahead. Other times we have to stop, watch the wind blow the snow all over the windshield, and realize that even to be alive is a grand thing.

And sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and push ourselves to take one or two steps forward. I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my toque, winter jacket, and snowshoes on!


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