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While You’re Waiting

Chances are you’re waiting for something. A broken heart or bone to heal? Spring or summer to blossom? Easter or Jesus to come? Positive or negative test results? A loan, job, or application to be processed?

I’m waiting for Volunteer Training next week; I’m helping at a therapeutic riding camp for people with disabilities for three months. I get to tack and untack the horses, lead them during lessons, and muck out the stables. 

I can’t wait! And yet I have to.

While we wait

Keeping busy while we’re anticipating and planning is good. I like to create videos; yesterday I made Camper Van Winter in Arizona: Cost of Living + 5 Tips for Saving Money on the Road.

Even better, however, is to savour the moment. The future may seem brighter, warmer and rosier—but what if it brings challenges, problems or even catastrophes? What if it includes something else to wait for? 

The future seems perfect, but only because it’s not here yet.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Know that whatever you’re waiting for will arrive exactly on time and be precisely what you need (even with its challenges, problems and catastrophes!). 

The present is all we have, and presents are good. So is presence. Allow that deep stillness to emerge from the core of your being. This presence—call it peace, joy, awareness, consciousness, God—is always percolating within you. All it needs is your attention.

May whatever you’re waiting for be even better than you hope! May it bring just enough excitement to keep you growing, and just enough calm to keep you balanced. 

Even better, may it strengthen your inner sense of peace, joy, gratitude and presence.

With love,


Camper Van Winter in Arizona: Cost of Living + 5 Tips for Saving Money on the Road

From Vancouver BC to Bisbee, Arizona – in this video I share how much money I spent on gas, groceries, propane, laundry and miscellaneous expenses while traveling in my camper van. Spending the winter in Arizona in my small camper van was more expensive than I expected.


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