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Who Do They Say You Are?

“Who do you say I am?” a wise man once asked.

I love the simplicity and authenticity of this question. I love how open-minded and open-hearted the man was, how genuinely curious. I love how interested he was in people and their perspectives, how detached he was from their stories. 

He—Jesus Christ—was so centered and at peace with who he was, he didn’t mind what people thought. Even when people didn’t let him be who he was, he gave them space to be who they were.

This question has been circling around my head for over a month, probably because I’ve been getting more feedback than usual about who people think I am. They’re also telling me who I should be, who I was long ago, and who I’ll be one day. 

Incredibly, the more stories I hear about who people say I am, the free-er I feel. I’m hearing it all! I’m selfish, courageous, uncaring, creative, shallow, young-looking, cheap, adventurous, confused, fake, interesting, sneaky, right, wrong, too smart for my own good, stupid, helpful and confused.

Yes. I’m all of that—and much more! If only they knew. 

Who do they say you are?

More importantly, how much do you mind what they say? 

How much you mind what people say is how much thought, attention, time and energy you give them. The more thought, attention, time and energy you give them, the more power they have over you.

No matter what stories people tell about you, they can’t change who you are. 

Unless, of course, you let them.

I am everything they say I am, and nothing. I am, as Zorba the Greek once said, “the whole catastrophe.” 

And I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m more than okay with it. I’m grateful! I’m a big fat Greek donair with everything good, bad, healthy and unhealthy stuffed in. Delicious, and perhaps best taken in small doses 🙂 

Evidently, I’m now a dog groomer…

In 17 Mistakes to Avoid If You Cut Your Dog’s Hair With Clippers: A DIY Dog Haircut at Home I share my recent experiment cutting Georgie’s hair. 

17 Mistakes to Avoid When Clipper Cutting a Dog’s Hair: A DIY Dog Haircut at Home

I wonder what stories people will tell about me now? 🙂 

In peace and passion,



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