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Your Biggest Regret?

You know how some kids are a perfect blend of the best qualities of their parents? New Brunswick is one of those beautiful children.

This province combines the flatness of the Canadian prairies (you can see eternity!) and the wildness of the Pacific Northwest (rugged coastlines, wild waves, hidden coves and beaches). Loud squawky birds—a cross between a peacock and quail—wander the neighborhoods in Moncton.  

Since New Brunswick is officially bilingual, the locals speak French and English fluently. At Value Village two men were speaking perfect English. One guy’s phone rang and voila! I’m in Quebec. “Allo?” he says. “Oui, je suis French French French.” 

Of course she has flaws. City roads are terrible. The stores—even big box ones like Superstore—are closed on holidays. A lady told me they’re lucky the gas stations are open Sundays. Online advertised hours almost never match reality; many places don’t even have websites.

And yet New Brunswick not only has my approval, she stole my heart.

My Biggest Regret

Do you ever wonder what your biggest regret will be? Pretend you’re 85 and looking back on your life. What will you wish you had tried, done, risked or experienced?  

Here in Moncton I realized I’ll regret seeking people’s approval. I was trained as a child to conform, fit in, be good, please people. Colour inside the lines and get good grades.

I’ll regret shackling myself to my fears and other people’s opinions, instead of being open and sensitive to the spirit of God. I’ll regret not being more open to the living presence of the moment, to suppressing my childlike joy, peace, freedom and enthusiasm. I’ll regret focusing outward instead of inward.

In Living With Disapproval – Stealth Camping, Engagement Rings, & New Beginnings I share how I’m learning to live with disapproval, disappointment, criticism, and even dislike. I’m learning to speak my truth, even if my voice shakes.

Living With Disapproval – Stealth Camping, Engagement Rings, & New Beginnings

Today I’m driving to Hopewell Rocks and the Bay of Fundy. Maybe I’ll even make it as far as Fredericton! But even if I don’t, I know New Brunswick will approve of every step I take. And even if she doesn’t, I have my own approval and love. 💖

With pleasure (Avec plaisir!),




Uprooted She Blossoms Laurie Pawlik Kienlen

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