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Your Happy Pill 💊

We take pills to get healthy, right? I recently discovered a more enjoyable prescription for health and wellness. It’s about happiness.

Happier people tend to be healthier people, according to Harvard’s Good Genes Are Nice, But Joy is Better.

“Probably the most enjoyable way to be proactive about our health is to be happy,” writes Lyndsay Green in You Could Live a Long Time: Are You Ready? “When people are happy, excited or content, they have low levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and this is a good thing.

At chronically high levels, cortisol can play havoc with our immune system, and may contribute to high blood pressure. For women, being in an upbeat mood also lowers the blood levels of proteins that are associated with widespread inflammation in the body. This inflammation seems to contribute to heart disease and cancer.”

What’s your happy pill?

In her book, Green says that being grateful is a happiness health booster. Agreed, and I’m grateful that gratitude is my natural outlook on life. That’s one way I benefitted from growing up in the welfare and foster care system: I’ve always been grateful for every bite of food and every safe night in a warm bed, and I suspect I always will be.

You may not be a naturally grateful, positive or upbeat person. Maybe you’re just the opposite. Maybe you were born stressed, melancholic or even darkly depressed.

We have no control over our natural temperaments or personalities.

We do, however, have control over how we spend our days. We can choose who we spend our time with, how we feed our minds, and what we put into our bodies.

The happy pill I want

Complete and total unselfconsciousness is my happiest state of being. I often imagine what it’d be like to just be without seeking approval or love. To create YouTube videos without wondering how many people will watch and benefit (yesterday I shared Talking About a Sexless Marriage with Byron Katie: When Your Partner Doesn’t Want You Anymore). 

Sometimes I even risk sending you an email without wondering how you’ll react. For example, a couple weeks ago I sent Signs Your Heart is Healing. A reader emailed me immediately, saying my messages are getting better all the time. 

That is my happy pill. Not getting affirmations from readers—though I love hearing from you! My happiest place is simply sharing what’s on my mind and in my heart without wondering what you’ll think. 

And that, I learned from Lyndsay Green’s book, is also my healthiest place.

Your Happy Pill Midlife Blossoms

What about you? I hope you know what your happy pills, places and people are. If you’re struggling to find them, I wish you energy and faith to keep exploring. Happiness is within reach, and so is healthiness. :-) 

May your days be filled with happy moments, and your nights be filled with healthy sleeps.

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