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Your Healing Process

This morning a red robin slammed into the glass surrounding my deck and landed flat on her back. Her tail twitched, her wings fluttered and her legs scrambled helplessly in the air.

She couldn’t get up. I watched as her movements became slower and slower…and finally she stopped moving. A beautiful red-breasted robin lying flat on her back, wings splayed, totally still.

The robin was as silent as death, but I wasn’t convinced. I’ve seen hummingbirds and sparrows crash into those glass walls and knock themselves out for several minutes—sometimes even an hour! Most of them eventually sit up, shake their little bird brains and fly away.

And that’s exactly what this robin did. After about 45 minutes her wings fluttered. Her tail twitched and her legs scrambled. She hopped to her feet, took a running leap and flew up over the glass and into the blue sky.

She needed time to recover after a crash that knocked her flat on her back.

Sometimes that’s exactly what we need, too.

How you heal

Are you crashing, twitching, resting or flying?

I was in the twitching phase for over a week. I slammed hard into a glass wall of self-doubt, fear, insecurity and guilt. I’ve been helplessly scrambling for answers, insights, solutions that would make everyone live happily ever after. 

The scrambling didn’t work, but even so I found exactly what I needed. I couldn’t have willed or created it. It was a gift that came out of the blue—just like the breath of life that entered the robin’s lungs and revived her body.

Now I’m dwelling in peace and joy. I’m building strength to take a running leap of faith. And I’m grateful for the crash because it confirmed what I knew deep down all along.

Whether you’re crashing helplessly or twitching in pain, allow your body and soul to go through the paces. It hurts to get knocked down; it hurts worse to force yourself to get up before you’re ready. 

Healing is already happening. Be still. Let Mother Nature do her thing. Trust that you’ll rise and fly when the time is right.

On a completely different note

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