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Your Old Life

What do you miss most about your old life? 

Maybe you were a partner, parent or professional—or all three! Or maybe the memories of your old life go farther back into young adulthood or even childhood. Maybe you remember bike riding in the summer, baking chocolate chip cookies in the winter, or getting sent to the principal’s office during math class.

What I miss most

As I pass through midlife, I’m surprised to find myself missing my grandmother more than ever.

It seems like the more lives I lead—traveling in my camper van, going to university, living in Africa, separating from my husband—the more I long for one more day with Baba.

Your Old Life 🏚️ Midlife Blossoms
Your Old Life 🏚️ Midlife Blossoms

Perhaps it’s not so surprising, given the life I lead now (or, more accurately that is leading me!). I live in a 50+ condo community and am literally surrounded by grandmas, grandpas and even great-grandparents. I love their perspective and wisdom, but they make me miss my grandma more than ever.

Your old life

Who or what do you wish you could spend a few hours with today? Feel free to share your thoughts on Do You Want Your Old Life Back? How to Move Forward. If you read through the comments, you’ll see you’re not alone.

Last week in When You’re Forced to Wait I said I’m looking for work. Nothing has changed! I’m still waiting to get an interview at least, and a job at best. Send me good vibes, because I sure could use them. 😊

May you find peace and joy in your current life, and may the memories of your old life bring nothing but comfort and warmth.

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